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Did you ever study the Vikings at school? Nazi Germany maybe? The Middle Ages? These areas of history are, on the surface, pretty distinct. However, they are, in some ways, much more connected than you may think. The Vikings were a Norse people from Scandinavia who were around from 800 CE to the 11th century. Over time, a very clear...

Exploring Love


Love. Something taken for granted in our modern society. Something that people seem to believe is owed to them continuously, as it has dominated our lives for as long as we care to remember. Perhaps it is a social construct, a concept made up by society to fit society, or perhaps it is the quintessential thing to look for...

If you didn't already know, JK Rowling is the critically acclaimed author of the world-famous "Harry Potter" book series however, recently she appears to have taken to channelling her literary skills into writing offensive tweets rather than any actual books. JK Rowling's downwards spiral began in June 2020 when she reposted an article titled...

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